A nostalgic walk down the memory lane, best described as “Reminiscence”. It is Chetana’s way of expressing that friends are forever. The Alumni Meet is held every year, at the Institute’s premises, which is a home coming of every Chetanite.

An Alumni Committee has been founded with the mission to provide a high level of network influence which facilitates links between the Institute and its broad alumni community. It also provides all alumni with the opportunity to stay in touch with Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research.

The Alumni Committee works to promote closer relations between students and alumni by organizing student-alumni events and networking opportunities. This offer students an ongoing connection to Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research



The Alumni Association at CIMR has been Duly formed and registered by the Charity Commissioner. The Members of the association look forward to meet the many objectives of the Institute, such as enhancing the alumni network and maximizing reach.

The list of the members of the CIMR alumni association are as follows:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Madhumita Patil President
2 Mr. Vijay Kumar Nambudiri Vice President
3 Ms. Neena Katkar Secretary
4 Mr. Rohit Rao JT. Secretary
5 Ms. Lipika Koli Treasurer
6 Dr. Nandita Mishra Member
7 Mr. Roshan Batheja Member
8 Mr. Anand Thakur Member
9 Mr. Rahul Shirvaikar Member
10 Mr. Omkar Dalvi Member
11 Ms. Aishwarya Patel Member
12 Mr. Farhan Shaikh Member
13 Mr. Vivek Vishwanathan Member
14 Mr. Sarin Nair Member




Alumni play an extremely vital role in enabling us to shape the learning journey of our students, as they are the ones who can guide the students with the best life experiences, having lived it themselves. At CIMR we drive alumni interaction at various levels so that our students can make the best of their learning experiences.

Below herewith, we can see the list of alumni who have participated in involvement activities for CIMR students, such as:



Dear Alumni,
We welcome you to register on your very own alumni portal